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All County GarageDoor Repair Service Milwaukee, WI 262-323-8014Springs take up most of the weight of the door as they are responsible for raising and closing the door. That is why springs are most vulnerable to accidental breakage. Broken springs should never be ignored and should be replaced the moment one notices their presence. Avoiding or delaying repairs can pose serious threats to you and your property. So it is always advisable to have a reliable garage door company such as All County GarageDoor Repair Service available on-call to have a look at your garage door springs.

Skill is important while trying to do any technical job. Without appropriate skills and expertise, you won’t be able to find the right spring for your garage door. As the springs should always be picked based on the dimensions and weight of the garage door only an expert in the field can provide the right size and type of the spring. Fitting a spring of improper size will lead to future problems as the installed spring might not be able to bear the weight of the door. It is highly imperative to only hire experts to do the job and help you choose the right spring for your garage door.

Our team has replaced and repaired springs of all types and sizes. Customers have the option to choose from two of the following types of springs, based on their budget

Torsion springs

Cutting edge torsion springs are used more commonly these days as they are more reliable and safer in comparison with extension springs. They have a unique mechanism that adds to their safety and durability. The set up consists of a tightly wound spring that runs through a shaft with cables running through drum-like structures at both ends. As the door rises, the spring unwinds, transferring all its stored energy to the cables that lift the door. Even if the spring breaks during operation, the cable can hold up the door without bringing the door down.

Due to this safety feature torsion springs are becoming increasingly popular despite being more expensive. They can be installed on doors of all kinds, be it automatic garage doors or steel garage doors. You should always consult an expert to help you choose an appropriate size of torsion spring for your garage door.

Extension springs

Extension springs are an inexpensive option and work differently than a torsion spring system. The springs operate independently and individually help raise and close the door. Since they work independently they are more susceptible to wear and tear. These doors don’t have the added feature that is associated with torsion springs and should only be handled by an expert who knows an extension spring system in and out.

For replacement of a spring or for maintenance checks, give All County GarageDoor Repair Service a call in Milwaukee, WI area!